English Psychotherapy and/und Deutsch Psychotherapie

Are you looking forward to a psychiatrist who listen and sympathize, in your native tongue?

Your voice have been heard! Our clinic now provides psychiatric service and psychotherapy in English!
Psychotherapie gibt's jetzt auf Deutsch in der Song De Klinik

Your medical consultation and medication will be covered by National Health Insurance, if applicable, during general clinic hours.  Meanwhile, out-of-pocket clinic and individualised psychotherapy via early appointment can be scheduled to better suite your availability. Additional 10% administration fee will be charged.  Prescription fee may be charged depends on your insurance coverage.

For further details or appointment, please contact Dr. Eric LIN during our clinic hours (1530~1700 preferred.)
Dr. Eric Lin can be reached via
 +886-930-005-396 (when call is not available text the messages) or contact us via: 
We will reply to your request in 24 hours during working days.

Dr. Eric Lin M.D.
Certified psychiatrist , and previous Bristol-Myers-Sqiuibb medical manager